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Last update: 30.06.2023

These Rules are written in simple English, because I am not a lawyer. Everything should have been simple and clear. If it's difficult and unclear, I'll rephrase it somehow someday.

The rules come into force from the moment of publication.


  1. Toonio is a creative website. Its main task is to enable any user to draw a cartoon or picture, regardless of the skill level.
  2. There is no place for insults on the site. Disrespectful attitude, provocations, calls for harassment in any form (be it comments or cartoons) are not welcome and are punished.
  3. Profanity is not punishable if it is used not to offend users and in reasonable quantities.
  4. Toonio is outside politics. Ethnic or racial hatred is severely punished. The rest of the Internet is already full of this crap.
  5. Do not violate the legislation of the Russian Federation! Our servers are located in Russia, so that's it. This means no LGBTQ+, no discussion of events on the Russian-Ukrainian borders since February 24, 2022, etc. This is both in our and in your interests.
  6. If there are any disagreements with the Rules, the last word remains with the site administration.

Requirements for toons

  1. It is forbidden to resave other people's toons without changes. You can save your favorite work to the Collection.
  2. It is forbidden to publish toons with bright fast-flashing frames (epileptics). This can be dangerous for some users and generally very annoying to the eyes. Examples (epilepsy warning)
  3. It is forbidden to publish toons containing shocking content, pornography, drugs, bloody scenes, as well as other adult topics in the general section. When publishing such works, it is necessary to check the "NSFW" mark. This way they will be published in the NSFW section, access to which is allowed only to adult users who have confirmed their age in the Settings.
    • But even works that violate the legislation of the Russian Federation are removed from this section. For example, pornography with minors. (Yep, such crap sometimes happens)
  4. It is forbidden to use drawing bots to create toons. The works drawn by the bot clog up a lot of space on the server. We even had a poll about those! Examples
  5. Since we are out of politics, we hide all works containing flags of countries (including Countryballs and everything else related). It may be cruel, but we noticed that conflicts often occur in the comment sections of those toons.

"Scribbles" section

Scribbles section is designed for works that fall short in quality for the main section. Moderators have the ability to move cartoons to this section.

It is important to understand that "Scribbles" is not a dump. This is a place to practice skills.

What goes to Scribbles:

  1. Low-quality works with sloppy drawing/animation. Examples
  2. Low-quality toons that are fully animated using displacement/distortion tools. It's better to make a picture than nothing but shaky lines! Examples
  3. Toons copying someone else's drawings, as well as toons made using third-party programs (excluding drawing bots, because they become hidden). Examples
  4. The simplest works like moving dots, falling sticks, stickmen and frames painted in different colors. Examples
  5. Letters and inscriptions. Examples
  6. Spoiling someone else's work in continues. Examples
  7. As an incentive, the moderator can withdraw the work from the section if it is better in quality than the author's previous works, although it is not quite suitable for the "Last" section.
  8. The moderator's opinion may not coincide with yours. It happens. If you want to discuss his decision, ping the moderator in the comments. (@Moderator)
  9. If you edit a toon that was previously moved to Scribbles, most likely, it will not return to the main section. Draw as a continuation or call a moderator.


  1. The site provides communication between Tooners through comments. In the (distant and bright) future, private messages between users will also be implemented.
  2. Communication on any topic is allowed. What is forbidden:
    • Insulting users, provoking them to rude answers, calls for harassment, inciting conflicts. Examples
      • Friendly harmless insults (if the interlocutors do not mind) do not count.
    • Flooding, meaningless comments and multiple duplication of the same messages. Examples
    • Begging and obsessive self-promotion. Examples
    • Ethnic or racial hatred. Examples
    • Links to any sites containing illegal or pornographic content, as well as file sharing sites (except for screenshot and video sharing sites).
    • Users misinformation. Examples
    • Disclosure of the user's personal information without his consent.
    • Accusations of theft or plagiarism.


  1. Bypassing blocking from other accounts is prohibited. This will lead to an extension of the ban.
  2. It is forbidden to cheat votes (that is, voting from several of their accounts) for toons or comments.
  3. The exchange of accounts is prohibited. An account whose password has been disclosed may be blocked until the circumstances are clarified.
  4. The use and public disclosure of site vulnerabilities is prohibited. You should report them to the administration personally.


  1. In case of violation of the Rules, the administration has the right to:
    • hide work from all sections of the site;
    • delete comments;
    • remove cheated votes;
    • block users;
    • delete toon completely (in case of serious violations).
  2. Account blocking includes:
    • prohibition to leave comments;
    • prohibition to vote;
    • hiding cartoons published during the blocking action from all sections, except for the profile and subscription feed.
  3. The administration has the right to block a user whose actions did not violate the current Rules, but caused a massive negative reaction and complaints from other users.
  4. The duration of the ban depends on both the severity of the violation and the number of previous bans.
  5. For violations in comments and toons:
    • 1st violation — 6 hours;
    • 2nd violation — 12 hours;
    • 3rd violation — 1 day;
    • Further violations — +1 day to the term of the previous ban.
  6. Vote cheating — ban from 1 to 12 months.
  7. Bypass blocking from another account — ban an additional account and extend the ban on the main account.
  8. Malicious use of site vulnerabilities — permanent blocking.
  9. Any user has the right to appeal. To do this, you can contact the Toonio administration here. You can also contact the moderation team by mentioning the moderator account in the comments or description (@Moderator).