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Frequently Asked Questions

Last update: 01.04.2024

Here you can find all the useful information about Toonio. Please read this section (I've put so many jokes here!) before annoying people with stupid questions. If you couldn't find the answer, try to read it again. Or just contact me!


Is this the Toonator?

Jokes aside, no, this is not Toonator. It's just a project made by an enthusiast who didn't want Toonator to die due to lack of support from its creator.
It was this site that became a source of inspiration. Maybe you can even call Toonio the spiritual successor of Toonator. If there were no Toonator (and, paradoxically, the disappearance of the administrator), there would be no Toonio.
UPD: Toonator was shut down in January 2023. RIP.

Where are the rules?

Right here

How to become a Tooner?

Click on the "Register" button in the upper right corner of the site.

Why do I need to register?

Because registered users have much more functions: you can publish your toons, vote for your favorite works, comment, continue other people's toons, save works in drafts and much more.

I didn't receive the confirmation email. What do I need to do?

Check the Spam folder, the letter could have got in there. If you use GMail, the email could also get into the "All Mail" folder (not Inbox, namely All Mail!)

I forgot my password / I still didn't receive the confirmation email.

In the login window, click on the "Recover password" button and follow the instructions. You will receive an email about account recovery (even if you couldn't confirm your account before that!)

How to publish my toon for everyone?

First, log in. Then you will have an ability to upload your toon to the site!

How to make it so that the cartoon can be finished later?

You can save your toon as a draft. No one will see it, and you can edit it at any time... Until you publish it.

How do I get into the "Popular" section?

The "Popular" section contains works with a good rating that are not in the "NSFW" section. The higher the rating, the higher the toon's position.

What is the Toon of the Day?

This is the work that received the highest rating for the day. The creator of this toon receives Pencils, and the toon receives a special award. There are also Toons of the Week and Month: everything is the same here, but they give more pencils and more beautiful medals!

What is NSFW? I'm not at work, can I see it?

The NSFW mark hides toons that may harm the delicate child's psyche. Or they may simply be dangerous: for example, for epileptics. If you are over 18 years old (and you have set your date of birth in Settings), you will get access to a special NSFW section, as well as the ability to publish your toons under the NSFW mark.

How do I know if I should tick NSFW or not?

If you really want to draw something that contradicts the norms of morality, space-time and other things that can harm the psyche of immature minds (pornography, drugs, bloody scenes, other adult topics), tick the NSFW mark when saving. So the thumbnail of the cartoon and its name will be hidden by default.

What is a "Scribble"?

It is not a very good toon. If you don't want your cartoon to get into the main section, you can move it to the "Scribble" section by clicking on the appropriate check mark when saving the work.

Also, moderators can mark your works as Scribbles. You can check the Rules to see what goes to Scribbles.

What is Archive?

This is a section accessible only to the account owner. Here you can hide toons that seem to be not very good, but you don't want to delete them at all. When adding a cartoon to the archive, the work disappears from all sections of the site, but people who have a direct link to the toon can still see it.

What is the difference between editing and continuing my toon?

It is simple: when continuing, a new cartoon with your changes is created, and when editing, the original one changes.

How do I delete my toons?

To delete a toon, click on the corresponding button on your toon page. Note that the works are not deleted immediately, but go to trash can, where they remain for 7 days before getting destroyed. We did this in case you change your mind or, for example, your restless brother deleted the work!

For how long can I edit my toons?

You can edit your toon only within 3 days after its publication. But this does not apply to drafts!

How do I make a backup copy of a draft?

To do this, just click on the "Duplicate" button on the toon page. Already published works, alas, cannot be duplicated.



If you hover the cursor over some tool and hold it, a small description of the function will appear. If it has not become clearer, check the Manual.

Is it possible to draw on Toonio from my phone?

Well, it's possible, but the editor was not designed for mobile devices.
For Chrome, there is a feature called "Request desktop site" available in Menu. Click on it, and the editor window will be much bigger, almost even usable!

How can I save my toon?

I thought it was obvious, but judging by the frequency of this question, it is not. Press the big button with the floppy disk icon at the very bottom of the toolbar, silly!

Why is my toon downloaded as a GIF when I save it, even if I'm already logged in?

Probably it's because you didn't refresh your page after logging in. But fear not: use auto-save (Ctrl+S) and reload the page. You will be able to load the save and upload it to Toonio properly.

Where do autosaved toons go?

They are saved in your browser's local storage. So be careful: if you clear the browser cache, all your autosaved works will disappear! For security, I recommend saving your work as drafts from time to time (you need to log in to your account to do that).

My autosave has disappeared. What do I do?!

Calm down. There are two possible causes, and one of them even is not fatal! First: You've gone to the wrong page. For example, if you edited your toon, its autosave will be available on the edit page (i.e. not, but The same goes for continues. The second: you cleared the browser cache or someone else did it. In this case, the save unfortunately will be lost forever. I remind you to use drafts to minimize losses.

The Fill tool doesn't work!

Everything works, you just need to use it correctly. Due to some technical limitations, we cannot make the fill tool the way it works in graphic editors. Therefore, the tool with the bucket icon draws a figure filled with colour from the inside. So just try to draw some shape, for example a circle!

Ok, but how do I change the fill colour?

Select a colour on the palette and right-click on it. The same trick works if you use the colour picker tool!

How do I use the distortion tool?

Click anywhere on the canvas and then drag the cursor! The further you move, the more distortion is applied.
Please note that you can't undo this effect.

The hand tool doesn't work. I can't even click on it!

The only purpose of this tool is to move the upscaled canvas. If you haven't used the zoom tool, then the hand tool won't work either.

How do I attach a sound to my toon?

There is an icon with a note on the layers panel in the editor. Click on it to select an audio file. Or just drag the file into the editor window! Note that you need to log in to be able to attach audio files.

How much does it cost to attach a sound?

500 Pencils. You can re-upload the audio (when editing the toon) for free. For reaching some levels, you get free audio uploads.


How can I change my profile picture?

Just open your profile and click on the default avatar. I have no clue why so many people find it so difficult!

What does the subscribe button do?

It subscribes you to a Tooner! After subscribing, you will be able to see their latest toons in the Feed.

How do I make friends with people?

That's a philosophical question. But to become friends on Toonio, all you need is to subscribe to someone who is subscribed to you.

I need some private space.

It's okay, we all need it sometimes. You can change your Privacy settings to restrict some actions (for example, private messages, comments and continues). You can also use Death Note (don't be afraid of its name!) to restrict specific users on your profile.

I have an uncontrollable urge to swear. Can I use swear words here?

You can swear, but keep in mind that if you teach a preschooler to swear like a lumberjack who hacked off a leg, you will be responsible for it!

I saw a beautiful picture next to the username of someone. I want the same one!

Badges are one of the most valuable and rare awards. They are usually given for winning contests or for contributing to the history of Toonio. In general, a very rare thing!

I'm tired of the blue colour! How do I change the colour of my nickname?

Only Supporters can change the colour of their nickname. To become one, you need to buy from 500 Pencils for real money.

I don't like my username. Is it possible to change it?

You can't change your username, but you can change your nickname. This can only be done by Supporters once a day. If you can't afford it, just create a new account!

What is the difference between username and nickname?

Username is used to log in to the site, it is also displayed, for example, in the address bar. And a nickname is a name that is displayed instead of this username. Like on Twitter, for example!

What is a "Collection"? How do I fill it out?

The collection is your personal section where you can save your favorite user works. To do this, click on the white star on the toon page.

How do I express an even greater love for toons?

Click on the orange button with a star medal on the toon page. The award is a beautiful thing for the toon, which can reflect your reaction and make the author feel good (most of all, everyone likes The Great Mighty Poo!)
Pro Tip: When you give an award, the author of the toon receives half of its value. Some special awards give more Pencils.

How can I decorate my comment?

There are several text formatting functions: **bold**, __italic__, ~~crossed~~.
You can also mention the user by entering an at sign and user's username without a space (for example, @tim). You can also attach a cartoon by entering a link to it. And some emojis turn into cute pictures when you send them!

I have a (commercial) offer!

Contact with Admin!

I broke something.

Contact with Admin!

I got banned undeservedly.

Haven't you got it yet? Contact with Admin!


What are Pencils?

This is the local currency of Toonio. You can find out how to earn and spend them here.

How to become a Supporter? How long does the Supporter status last?

Buy 500 or more Pencils. The duration of the status depends on the number of Pencils purchased: for every 500 Pencils, the Supporter status increases by 1 month. For example, if you buy 1500 Pencils, you will receive the Supporter status for 3 months.

What gives the Supporter status?

First of all, the respect of the Toonio team for the financial support of the project
In addition, Supporters can change the color of their username in Settings. They can also set a nickname once a day.

How to buy Pencils?

There is a "Buy Pencils" button in your wallet. Click on it and you will see a miracle!
However, it's pretty much impossible to buy Pencils outside CIS right now.

I bought Pencils, but they my Toonio wallet is still empty! I'm not even saying about the real one...

Please contact the administrator (here) and wait. Usually all the issues get fixed within a day!


What are levels? How to increase my level?

Level is an indicator of how active you are on the site and how cool you draw. The level increases with the likes and awards that other users put on your toons.
1 like equals 1 experience point.
1 award equals 2 experience points.

What is the storage?

Storage is the place where your toons are located. The available space depends on your current level: the higher the level, the higher the storage size. If you run out of space, you can delete your older toons to free up space for newer ones.

Why is there a limit to toons? It's not fair!

Because the Toonio server is not made of rubber. If there was no limit, the server costs would be enormous. And I'm just a poor student...

My storage is full, and I don't want to delete my work! What do I do?

You can buy a new level, although it's quite expensive.

What levels are there? What do I get for them?

For reaching levels, you get Pencils, free sound uploads, extra storage space, access to certain rewards and even disabling ads.

โ„– Level Experience Total exp Free audio Storage size Pencils Price Additional










Sandbox Dancer








Steamboat Willie








Karnival Kid
























Rick Sanchez
















Joe Gardner







Ads disabled!


Big Chungus








Buzz Lightyear
















Sailor Moon








Doctor Livesey








Uncle Grandpa







At what level will I be able to pet a doggie?

*crying* FAQ IS OVER!!!